HIV positive children to receive sweet, strong ARV in January

Babies living with HIV in Kenya will receive the long-awaited, powerful ARV with a strawberry flavor early next year. Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said the new formulation will improve adherence and reduce side effects in children. The treatment dubbed Dolutegravir or DTG will cost about Sh4, 000 annually. It is set to come in the form of a pill that is dispersible in water and is easily tolerated by children. Currently, some 106,807 Kenyan children below 14 years are living with HI

Most children lack masks, shows survey

Since Covid-19 hit the country in March, 12-year-old Nelly* has been recycling one mask that cost Sh25. Her single mother lost her job in April and cannot afford to buy masks for herself and Nelly. It is even a struggle to put food on the table. The girl is now worried she might contract the virus. “There are days I do not wear a mask because I have either misplaced or it is wet after washing,” a playful Nelly says. “I do not recall when we last took two meals a day. Sometimes the one meal w

Travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic

For months, the masses have been trapped in their homes to ensure they are safe from Covid-19. Many hotels and lodges around travel destinations have also remained closed. But Covid-19 could be here to stay. Knowing that, travel destinations have slowly opened up, seeing that the festive season, which is usually the high season, is around the corner. With many afraid of contracting the virus since March, people have shunned the idea of travelling and going on vacations, even around the country

Covid-19 through the eyes of dementia patients

For those living with dementia, social distancing is a far-flung concept. They may not remember to wash their hands and sanitize. They may as well not get why they have to wear face masks For that reason, people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of severe dementia are at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 because they don’t fathom the need to protect themselves. Knowing that people with dementia suffer memory loss, confusion, a decline in language skills and ability to perform daily activit

Abuse and harassment of girls online on the rise

Since she was 13, Bella* (not her real name) has been battling self-esteem issues. Her classmates were always prettier and curvier than her, at least in her opinion. Every time her school attended the music festivals, she did not get the attention the other girls were getting from their male counterparts that she had always envisioned hooking up with. “Everyone was talking about how a cute guy asked for their phone number and how they would meet during the weekends,” she says. “For me, it was

As kids spend more time online, predators pounce to seek nudes

Sheila Mwangi, mother of a nine-year-old, explains why she has given her daughter a phone, laptop and unlimited Internet access. "I work from home and I have had to give a smartphone and other gadgets to my daughter to avoid distractions as I complete my assignments," she said. In her view, the phone is a great distraction for her daughter, Alicia, who is at home over school closure. "No one prepared me for a time when I would work from home. I had to send the house help home and the only way